Pablo Arellano is a Mexican composer, director and writer. He studied music at the New England Conservatory in Boston. Early in his career he discovered that creating movies, movie scoring and composing music that expand conscience was his life passion. He has taken his gifted talents into many leading directors roll with 8 hit movies. Art house Factory Production currently available in 10 countries and 5 languages: 2012 - Prophecies from the heart, 2012 - A new consciousness, The Infinite wisdom of love, The Big Bang within you, The Infinite mind, Francesco's Heaven, Mayan Secret and Path of Joy. In addition Mr. Arellano has composed and produced over 50 albums: Spirit of Silence, Soft Passion, Angeles Call, Brillará en ti, Brillará en ti 2, Atlantis Healing Live, Hacia el Sol and HIM soundtrack, etc. Along with his artistic accomplishments Mr. Pablo Arellano enjoys every minute of his life and spends time learning about the internal silence and the expansion of consciousness.

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Film Scoreing

Composing of original music. Wide range of styles for any movie genre.


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Music Lessons

Download PDF lessons.

Music & Consciousness

Listen for free relaxing and healing music. These music is composed in the way to raise your vibrations and help you release resistant. Also watch interviews with worldwide recognized spiritual teachers.

Video Courses

Learn by watching videos. Courses available in video format How to Improvised, How to do YouTube Professionally. 

Dr. Luis Oscoy

Pablo is very professional and has a great talent for synthesizing awareness messages, thank you for your work in my DVD “2012 A New Consciousness”

Dr. Luis Oscoy


Yohana Garcia

Pablo found the essence of my message and he created a beautiful DVD “Francesco Heaven”. He is a sensitive and talented, I recommend his work and friendship.

Yohana Garcia


Maharishi Krishnananda Ishaya

Pablo did a great job with my DVD “Path to bliss”. He is very creative and wonderful person with the knowledge to do a great job.

M. K. I.


Lilou Mace

Pablo is a wonderful person to work with. He is dedicated to produce quality content. His extensive network has greatly contributed to wonderful interviews in Mexico in the Juicy Living Tour. “He has now become a good friend and someone I recommend.”

Lilou Mace


Drunvalo Melchizedek

Pablo is very prepared to take on any project involving the expansion of consciousness. In my DVD “Prophecies From the Heart”, he grasp the idea and did a job with great passion regarding imagine. Also, he composed beautiful music for this DVD.

Drunvalo Melchizedek


Dr. Fred Alan Wolf

Pablo Arellano, put together a wonderful juxtaposition of my thoughts, ideas, and expressions in a series of videos including “THE BIG BANG WITHIN YOU” that were turned into DVDs and are available online. Making a DVD is quite a creative enterprise and Pablo has shown considerable creativity in his choice of visual and musical materials to augment my presentations.

Dr. Fred Alan Wolf AKA Dr. Quantum®.